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Diebold ATM running on the Deluxe Network



EFI serv



Lets look


Compliance with the ANS X9.24 standards calling for a unique initial cryptographic key in each ATM is required by Visa, Star, NYCE, and other networks. Now these requirements include Triple-DES.

ala we need LOW security to keep the backdoors in state-bank-accounting system to tap of the rounding figure wrong money

disapearnce problem with t-junction hmm I found 1 account….funny


Trusted Security Solution's A98 Initial Key Establishment System provides not only a compliant solution but one that is easy to implement and avoids the cost and inefficiencies imposed by traditional processes. With A98 there are no more non-compliant global keys, no more time-consuming generation of key components, no more waiting to get key packages sent to the ATM site, no more manual audit logs.

A98-R Remote Key Module. The A98-R fully automates key generation and distribution,

eliminating the need for manual key loading. A98 ...

In the initial release of the A98 Remote Re-Key module, the interface to the ATM is implemented through the terminal handler or device driver. Trusted Security Solutions has defined an XML data structure that will be used to communicate with the driver over a TCP/IP link. (AHA1…)

This approach confines modifications to the ATM device driver and eliminates any need to change the host security module or terminal driving application software. All the public key cryptography, message formatting, database access, and user interface programming is provided in the A98 module. Future releases of A98-R will support versions of direct connection to the ATM and IFX.


Partners > Software Vendors
In 2004, TSS received a patent approval on a process called Persistent Key
Component (PKC) and released a software module for A98 for Remote Key loading. ... - 21k - Cached - Similar pages


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A98 module. “With CONNEX and the A98 working. together, the customer has the most
efficient. key management solution available for both ... downloads/Vault_Summer_2005.pdf - Similar pages


Credit Union tech-talk
... re-key solution for NCR and Diebold ATMs for its CONNEX EFT software platform.
... Inc.'s A98-R technology to create and distribute ATM master keys ... - 52k - Cached - Similar pages


Bank Systems & Technology : Product Showcase

introduced a next-generation version of its CONNEX EFT software platform. CONNEX Open Enterprise (CONNEX OE) is an integrated suite of solutions for payment ... jhtml?articleID=57300705 - Similar pages





And further aha1…

SqlJunkies :: The #1 SQL Server Community for Developers
In Part I, the basic structures of an XML document are covered. ... a network
IPC, such as TCP/IP or Named Pipes, is used to communicate with SQL Server. ... ShowForumGroup.aspx?ForumGroupID=10 - 101k - 5 Feb 2006 - Cached - Similar pages


Changes to Functionality in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 ...
All users who use TCP/IP to connect and communicate information over a network
... The XML document
containing the user’s sign-up data is sent to the Web ... winxppro/maintain/sp2netwk.mspx - 183k - Cached - Similar pages



Are we using xml data to communicate over tcpip in 2 ways over the sweet “surveillance tool??” or how to we pipe the data frontwards and backwards to the atm??

That’s why there is several gif pictures with backdoors in the atms?



With this tools?


lets do it serious? Looking for nice contract worx

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what is the idea to have low softsecurity SSL / XML etc at the internet bank / atms

also when 90 % of users have viruses worms

spyware adware traceware dialers Trojans   backdoor windows versions


Its like having a bankoffice presented with plastic softdoors (hmm like the worldwide holiday restaurant concepti thing spending electricity nutso)

with cracks

Trying to present this as a professional thing for zillions of users???

Must be on crack

Just go and login with your laptop swop around the macadress, and scramble out gps sender

Taking a crack on the mess?

And away you go to “le paradise” and there you cant spend the money anyway….

Or spend it and get sick off all healthwise

Hmmm why bother?

But there are CERTAIN limits…



OOPPAA is registered by


Ala this are the payment terminals…in all the shops


Now we see

VeriSign - Security (SSL Certificates), Payments, Communications ...
VeriSign operates intelligent infrastructure services that enable and protect
billions of interactions every day across the world’s voice and data networks. - 30k - 5 Feb 2006 - Cached - Similar pages
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Here we got domain theft under redemption period


[PDF] von Torsten Przypadlo Virtuelle B2B MarktplätzeIdealkonzept und ...
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den Finanzdienstleistern, wie American Express, MasterCard International, VeriSign
und. VeriFon eingegangen, um die entsprechenden Funktionalitäten über ... - Similar pages


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von führenden IT-Unternehmen wie Microsoft, IBM und HP/Verifon. Der ... A-Trust,
TC Trust Center und Verisign und Zahlungsabwickler oder Payment ... done/lenz/Diplomarbeit_Lenz_M-Payment2004.pdf - Similar pages


I don’t know here, trust?