Technical and human unknowledge causing business not making business and governments having no tax paid.



Computer automated invoice processes creating huge bills from SMALL amounts arriving out of parking bills, mobile phone bills, bank fees, corrupt sex dialers,

Etc, often disputed and making most humans angry due to the nature of this process, often automatic service telephones, without possibility of a fix, This AUTOMATIC credit marking system and invoice system there the reason for SMALL bills turning HUGE is

1) The high probability of backdoors in computers sold in by shop chains with “bundled” software and no correct licensed windows at governments fee offices

2.) Creating income to support own bureaucratic structures and huge buildings instead of money arriving out of taxes. Lack of taxincome. The credit marking system then stops further sales and spinning around faster of affairs.



Despite paying off bills no removals of credit mark directly different computer systems gives different results, creating delays in credit and stops further sales and spinning around faster of affairs..



Tax system bureau crazy so immense so huge and complex making people not longer understand, nor comprehend, or can not just fill in 500 small squares of repetitive often total unnecessary questions, which has no relation eg to TAX. This seems to been created of the mixup between, tax, mil, gps, banks, shops, and the move from having information about people planning COMMON community resources like water electricity to go to a model to plan what to business resources sell and where in what shop and “shopping centre”  DIGITAL TRACKS

Its nearly not POSSIBLE to pay tax.



A finance and credit giving structure automatic often over internet without ID security

Asking personal questions making people think all is ok, rule giving databases, answering comparing without users knowledge what the answers are based on, often giving just the answer NO.  Que WHO is answering ??? a machine, dog, jesus WHO?

Then leaving the possible CUSTOMER in limbo status how do I then fix this

WHO shall I talk to? WHERE is the RESPONSIBLE?????

Stops further sales and spinning around faster of affairs..












A incorrect acceptance silence about errors to the last eurocent yen whatever, in accounting from the matters so solid as rock… Rounding wrongfully between TAX, BANK, SHOP, PRIVATE worldwide. How is it the possible to do correct

Book keeping to pay TAX? When banks do not answer nor give solutions nor

Increase security and changes systems drastically. And offers something workable new, instead of updating old systems with patches de luxo, like an old rubber boat flying of the roof from the car in 181km/hour in to the rose thorns and then trying to fix it endless, without success…that orange yellow rubber boat boat is sinking.

Its nearly not POSSIBLE to pay tax since the figures are “pirripoungefar, ca

maybe, etc…



Removal of the FREE JUSTICE HELP slowly to be NON existent

Making lawyers not making money…and money coming out of courtcases

Stops further sales and spinning around faster of affairs..



That IT and security sales towards banks and govs often outdated low level of security with soft security certificates, EMV emulator chips etc not accurate on huge contracts without proper expertise so hard to find by email, to evaluate independently complex systems, functionality PRIOR to purchase TESTING the systems in REALITY a belief on websites and glossy brochyres always with the sweet dinners with wine and lady’s creating blindness or eyes goes between somewhere elses… Sign finished.

Haloo this are crucial systems for the children to take over? That creates then point 5.

And the whole chain falls over.

Stops further sales and spinning around faster of affairs, Its nearly not POSSIBLE to pay tax,   So we are waiting instead guarding the stocks in rented shops for low salary s not getting anywhere…


Then  we add some gorgonzola. (explanation over the beer..)(only)

And this has nothing with “hitting the wall” accepted philosophy matter or

Only “cc” ladys usage, or media show football matters, or betting schemes

Ala Albania or using pension schemes for some sort of pyramid games

Or usage of digital maps, fishtank telecom GPS Matters, and has nothing to do with politics either.  Its just PURE functionality, IT does work MAYBEE  like a rusty old airplane with Biggles in snow in nose, crash kamakazi stylish hitting ground level 0 oil dripping  benzin flooding over the wings, wires hanging lose, like a southern style electricity company, a navigator using a multiplicator(K) frame for navigation, and the mechanic (T) onboard drilling holes in the airplane for venting the overheated engine, hoping do we gona land boys? So we could see our lady s again… with new eyes…

And on ground a group of Diesel and asphalt repairmen standing on the ground waiting with that new engine hmm does it take off again?


And then we have to add the art of getting a 1. HOUSE and 2.