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Ok here we have some intressssting stuff

(Scanned doc are in SwedishAnd Norwegian)


Faxed to Fylkesmannen Bergen Norway and Länsrätten Linköping Sweden 8th December 2003

(both with lions grrrr on their logotype..)


NORWAY: Gitle Lunde


  1. That “fylkesman” in Norway says : Has “never” recived the complain from me that I do not recive social welfare by Gitle Lunde Bergen Norway Sandviken social office.


 (why do I go to social welfare? Not reciving my personal F emails from my customers on Internet wanting technical assistance for a minor yearly fee (which gives me food..) 




  1. The complaint given to social welfare office in Norway  signed and accepted




  1. The copy given to “fylkesman” overlloking Social welfare office signed and accepted



My question is why do we not tell the truth? Explanation needed.



SWEDEN: Jonny Karlsson (Karlsson på taket?) & Anders Ek


Then we go to the official papers of the House Hamngatan 32 Valdemarsvik and the complain regarding Accountability for the money and the differences in the declaration to local community in Valdemarsvik Sweden and the state and where is aprox 160-212 000 SEK or more inc lost documents lifeinsurance my mother on 500 000:- Sek, disaperance of furnitures strange declarations and more.


Copy to länsrätten Sweden (similair as “fylkesman” Norway.


berg 4 and berg 5



Then I ask myself is this a strange system implemented in whole Europe and elsewhere boys??


Yours Sincerely

Jan Kajander

Hamngatan 32

615 31 Valdemarsvik


 Hmm old (very) soundtrack ..Petterson Lundström Och Jag? Gammal Ost? Samma nötter fast i annan påse? Wonder if there is some poems and "citat" in other languages? send email to ... i always answer EVERY single (not blocked) email..

and as reminder why do we have a law? for fun? this stuff is this not rather serious thingis?

or blocked?

use cached version in google if it works.. and not deleted or sorted