Just facts making things not to work correct creating havoc and burden for state and business and privates ala 88 cc ala salata? All in the same ship this time…


Bank-Telecom-Lawyer-Creditrating-Customs-Companys-everywhere there is computer technology. Eg what computers has given to humanity eg.


1.Telecommunciation blocked for private entrepreneurs and even sometimes government officials.

          NOT OK 

2.Backdoors and T-junctions in technology making it possible for unathorized persons to alter text accounts   

   and documents NOT OK

3.A overflood of texts in contracts – description – meters of documents- incorrect financial models of society – eg overflow textmasses used to let users to forget reading it NOT OK

4.Marketing to be far away from reality (very) services gods finance etc NOT OK

5.Fantasy models of property for sale rendered by computers making people to belive it exists already which   

   is not NOT OK

6.A overload of tourism related business not making the matters to spin, the waiting on customers syndrome

   exists, also a

               7.A maximum non realismus spending of electricity in super large shopping centres with personell waiting all

                  day long for customers (eg I am working…)

8.A overproduction to super ware warehouses which seems totally out of order in relation to spending by 

   customers and what bookkeeping states

9.City centres abandoned with sprays on walls and non existent living citycentre or supermodern stone traffic 

   non greenery pollution citys (various degrees) NOT OK


10.Plastic and a packaing industry pumping out rubbish along the roads NOT OK

11.Cam and security systems not told nor declared to public looking as all arrive out from 1 and the only 

      Supplier NOT OK

12.60 ton ticketingmachines for public transports all behaving different where most people looks like living

     questionmarks what is this now

13. A watersituation getting bad all over the world due to 88 thinking? NOT OK

14. 1000nds of shops there humans wait for customers not arriving drinking coffee, awaiting order or what from the NON existent BOSS

      Daring not to TAKE own responsibility, doing marketing making the things to work,

      FORGETT DA BOSS (there is always to start OWN better finer business

      Then getting stuck with that superlarge comglomerat dela cola in da system thingi


16.  A media world in total one direction letting people not to see the reality. NOT OK



88.Most population zips around in the cars in their own local area like robots

daily program=at Least in western world?


Lucky happy life to have a family house car and a normal life….. What a world from the planners??

New motor needed maybeeeee?

Bell ring  awake She is gone, have taken the children to daycare, Bell ring, shower in the chemschampoo stinky stuff (read on da bottle)  ala Treblinka, black coffe, where is the ag keys to car, start, drive to the trafficjam stop , wait, get mad, in to office, check email, write doc, answer, ok penny for lunch today?

Ok out, back check email, answer doc, write doc, meet maybe someone, end, get mad close virused crashed machine, where is the key, start car, hit the jam, wait get mad Pincode for more benzina, wrong money in wrong account, hmm get mad , stop car, get children daycare, stress home , open post, get mad telebill nuttos, electricity bill absolute Nuts, a invoice for a sexdialer???)  angry,, remotecontrol TV (1) texttv hmm, usual, remote stereo,what control? Dvd,Tv,Stereo,Pc batt gone Get mad,   children que? Front da game crash, beautiful zipzap wifesweeps in, wants money, give here the card ( pcode wrong..) micro, reads list Of da chemical foodstuff inside stomach makes revolt again)  Children sleeps, YES I have time…

TAX and bookkeeping,  bunch of papers,  500 squares to fill in in GREEK? Or Japanese??? Nada… Goes for the DVD film (the dvd player has 38 connectors on the backside…..) All different and no cable…. I throw it out in the garden…

Goes to my sweet in the bed which I was married to to share The lucky happy life to have a family house car and a normal life…..


Then we add that (FACT) 1975

1 MAN could easily support a family house car and children with 1(one) income.

Today both has to work like nuts, still near not making it, and da children, raised up on pc games and microfood??? Is not something wrong here? Why divorces increased so fast, and pollution da maxa increases so fast, and why da children don’t see the fathers??? Children on W& D???



Obs I am not married looking for a lady ok….nice one 

s.a where are you then?



Take a tour to Rethymno Crete Greece






MOMENT 22-44 creating that you dont just get anywhere



1.Going to Spain: Try to buy a motorcycle, NO I have to have a Spanish taxnumber to get the plates..(I already have a Swedish taxnr..)


2.Bank in Norway put a NON creditaccount in negative value for own fees creating creditmark in paper,  hindering own business….


3.Exporting a car BMW 750 out of Germany need exportplates (office closed due to weekend)

   to be replaced by importplates to be replace by orginal plates in sweden

   Making own plate (EXPORT) office closed gets a fine of just 2000 euro++ (fun)hmm ok not ok then but a  

   fine of 2000 euro??? Que??


4.Embassy issues temp passports with own remarks written inside contradicting that the passport is valid for 

   travel for all countrys in ALL  directions


5.Looking for contractwork with manpower.no in IT field EMAILS blocked so no contract (fun?)  not possible

  To pay tax then since no Emails and mobiles …..


6. Norwegian VISA not possible to connect to my Swedish bank, minor debt sanitation done in Sweden, not

    Connected Or shows up in creditrating systems diff systems diff results,   Can not RENT nor BUY house

    and even I having alu case with cash I cant BUY house accept in  Buinsess then I am a cocadealer from

    bogota?? Or what?


7. Ok swop over to Norway point nr 2 create point nr 6  (Fine???) Can not RENT nor BUY house


8. OK gets another BMW 750 from gemany to Greece, taken by customs outside exwifa story maker in 

    Corfu (not driven obs)

    Ambassada, da consulada da corfu where in the fringe is my BMW750??? Just gone hasta la vista ok ?



9. Ok puts litte of ads for da new Russian beuty women plenty of answers, BUT why is the womens working

     but NOT 5???


10. Ok train n Sweden, to see my son…. Hmmm  gets thrown out of the train in the night time,  card not ok, 

       trainstation closed due to damage

      Ok hotel 2 rings bell closes no answer, ok cold, go police closed, goes for phone cold, hmm 112

       emergency cold, no answer que where to sleep??

      Nada, ok MIL status again.  As usual.


11. Given in a list of matters to lawyer www.judicium.no tangedahl incorrectness handling ships, house, cars,

       etc NO answer

      Just some talks always abouth 2500 euro??? Nuttos Free justice help is free justice help

       FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Basta       amigo.? Ok  I shall be kind please do the necessary work. There is money to get…


12. Funny Boat sinks 2 towed away GONE  just 70 ton boat nice? The STATE don’t know where the boat

      is?? Hmm ok gets another one then.


13. Taking away housingbenefits several times WITHOUT message while on travel GREAT  I am with da

       Italian beuty in Napoli ala Japanese style

      and MONEY gone on 1 card Have to pay restaurant bill ARE THEY NUTS ?


      Write to the state about the matters and the serious affair it is that a STATE takes away money without MESSAGE = EMAIL

      Think now (you are in crazy town down under with your amex and zimply da CASH is gone while having da champagne breakfast)

      How do you think will stands besides you?? The gentlemen in b&w with lights on the roof,  NICE.   WHAT is the STATE up to??


14. Sending FAX to the STATE about proper accounting of my pension since year 2002,  NOTHING RECIVED at the GREEK  STATE

      BANK I recive 195888 SEK/ year (peanuts) instead of proper EMAILS…. (still wants MY emails)

      Proper contract works is 3-6000 euro/mnd for my children.



The accounting between TAX-BANK-SHOP-PRIVATE incorrect  its called skimming  rounding is incorrect= crime serious  TAX no rounding, Bank 2 digits with Last digit 1-9, SHOP rounding last digit rounded off, Private disappearance of few euros here   and there, TEXT  

alternation by backdoors both in ATM And taxoffice systems.  Adding -when putting 19-22 question to the bank THEY DON’T ANSWER  nor REIMBURS 14400 euro www.judicium.no  tangedahl


16. Paying tax on PENSION QUE is this???  Of course if you recive money from the state its clean from TAX (you recive tax)


17. The combinational factors of this create normal working educated people to do crime smuggling and other total stupido  things creating

      a burden for the state and society and its not to be given to the children??? Capito? Roman empire fall down syndrome..

18. ENDLESS  many times i got to the conclusion it has not helped here with the alucase with 1 mil inside I   AM STUCK


19.I found the reason why people do not use travels, hotels, restaurants, bars, = They cant due to financial model out of order as accounting tax, bank mess getting better but take just a look on for example the greek states electricity system its a hazardous adenture with snakes of cables hanging all over the places, major EU project to fix up that? 


It must have started with LOVE (must have done that otherwise no children)

the chicken egg basket situation…what was first?


Why do we have Children (88) Creating family

Why do we have Houses (6&7) To sleep protected from weather and wind

Why do we have Work (5)  To work to be abel to support pensioners and children and pay tax and having food and house

Why do we have Car (88) To drive

Why do we have Pension (14) due to you are cancelled out from the workforce reciving money from the TAX system

Why do we have Banks and accounting(15) to do it correct bankloans for house income = 5 or 14

Why do we have Telecom (1) To communicate

Why do we have Lawyer (11) To make justice

Why do we have own business(1) To create work for others

Why do we have MIL ? to protect states (not business)

Why do we have a STATE? To protect from the powers of business and banks (history)




IF 15 is not ok people don’t want to pay TAX,

IF 14 is not ok people don’t want to pay TAX

IF 5 is not ok people don’t want to pay PHONEBILLS

IF 11 is not ok people don’t trust the “SYSTEM”

IF 88 is so much people just give up forget IT

IF 6&7 is not ok people has to sleep where?

IF 5 is not ok people don’t get work to support own children

IF 1 & 5 & 14 & 11 & 6&7 etc is not ok there is internal war NOT OK

That’s why we have (11)  and the rest….




Karate taekwondo not necessary this time


How do we improve the lives of the nearly 3 billion individuals living on less than two dollars a day?   (MAN I WANT MY VISA & IBAN OK…)



But millions of children remain unimmunized, and each year 1.4 million children under five die from diseases that are entirely preventable.



A combination of human-related factors (including ecosystem destruction, climate change, population growth, and the growth of poorly constructed human settlements in vulnerable and inappropriate areas) has set the stage for more frequent and devastating "un-natural" disasters:

natural disturbances made worse by human activities



Protecting the world's vulnerable people
The protection of 19.2 million uprooted people is the core mandate of UNHCR.



Tens of millions of girls around the world who marry and have babies while they are still children themselves. The results are often tragic: many girls die in childbirth, even greater numbers of their babies die, and young mothers and babies who do survive often struggle to overcome poor health, limited education and grinding poverty.



Over the past 15 years, 300 out of the 6000 breeds identified by FAO have become extinct. There are currently 1350 breeds faced with extinction with an average of 2 breeds being lost every week





Mostly children, who found locked in a shipping container in Lagos, ...
Many of the women and children who are trafficked end up in the sex industry



HMM this is just humans messing up ….. strange how in the h 50 years after world war II humans succeded to get here…






CAPITO COMPRENDE fatta saken förstå anlamak entender понимать. يفهم (يدرك)


the chicken egg basket situation…what was first? Work or Communciazione???


MY EMAIL IS MY EMAIL = why we have www.un.org  ?




Jan P Kajander