Open Letter and Questions  Mid februari 2006


Swedish government and responsible in the respective states for payments, transfers, declaration, telecommunications between country’s company’s and people.


I am a Swedish citizen born 18/10 1960 having a concept ONLINE for communication sales trading and technical support and project works  and ways to communicate secure and open inc encryption models. taking away

The problem sallad of  and (called MY invention with fishhooks) 

I started to questioned the communication blocking and backdoors in year 2000 never reciving any proper answer nor solution, and as it looks received pension in year 2002 as solution. It does not however change the right to communication see


Now in year 2006 I have since December 2005 asked for a proper declaration about my pension and tax payments all administrated by the Swedish state responsible for technology implementation and solutions against its voters, the public. government  computers has nothing to do with internet. nor to be used as a tool taking away protesters against illbehaviour matters like backdoors and blocking.

My communication is a tool to take up works, project contracts, and being able to conduct business with governments company’s and private persons, also having my private life and communication in peace, that’s called privacy. I have previously paid money for this, fax mobiles phone email etc making money for the telecom company’s


That why telecommunication company’s SELL communication, not using this as a competitive tool hindering or regulating business with this tool, e.g hindering them selves…and its also a very serious crime. As seen on the web-pages the government computer systems seems to have low security since someone alters the data at government computers or in the transfer process. This is very serious offences.  Have a look

 Still government and bank are responsible, both against children family and pensioners, protecting them, that’s why we have a state.


Also the questions regarding the accounting between tax-office-various government departments-banks-restaurants and bars-shops supermarkets etc there is large amount of  money gone astray due to the rounding of faults being done and T-junctions set in placein corrupt computer and telecommunication gear. Questions regarding this is just answered with silence.   That makes it even more interesting. (the silence)


Finally, many days have gone past and no proper answer given despite 10-11 emails several faxes, and even authorization to Chania Crete Greece  Kersti thorsen +30-6934718708 communicate  and gather information regarding tax and pension received since 2002 until 2005  (only) done by the Swedish state. I am still awaiting this matters. Also questioning where is my payment for January month 2006, inc housing benefit . Please in the name of decency sort this matter out … No Pension No comunication ????? capito???   This is so i could get a proper house


Yours Sincerely

Jan P Kajander  mail: +portals