The art of making for Years destroying income making for MY CHILDREN

Ala 100-300 euro per hour since 1983 and after. DA FISH LARGE is it time to understand??



  1. First we hinder and block emails mobiles phones faxes for years at least since 1983?
  2. Then we go to do so for INTERNET since 1996 MY emails and MY webpages MY MOBILE MY PHONE
  3. AboveNet disrupts world-wide communications
    ... also a managing member of MAPS, which briefly added ORBS to its "black hole" list of supposed spammers last summer. ... ... - 51k - Αποθηκευμένη Σελίδα - Παρόμοιες σελίδες



  1. Then since research and discovery of that Year 2000 I publish the blocking of communication emails and webpages the same source online to Internet also the automatic theft systems of domain names Ultimate search Hong Kong hiding matters.


  1. Then we do a long list of crimes boats cars houses and the companys online da Viking style burning etc so now on at tangedahl ala style


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... 3000:-. 4. Bilen ska återlämnas till Mariana Kajander och ej stå olåst
i ett grustag där det plockas fn delar på.
Thereafter ... - 50k - Συμπληρωματικό αποτέλεσμα - Αποθηκευμένη Σελίδα - Παρόμοιες σελίδες

Popular Searches: Name : Jan kajander Pers nr 601018-0278 Family ...
Mariana kajander 390502. Pension MONEY disapears no account no recipts or anything
showing the payment details since 1998 ... - 36k - Συμπληρωματικό αποτέλεσμα - Αποθηκευμένη Σελίδα - Παρόμοιες σελίδες
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  1. Then we start to give pensions as solution to people asking for their own communication? Since year 2002 Thanks. That does not change matters my email is my email. ALSO have a look how we now change the texts slowly to motivate the “art of taking AWAY pension. (by backdoors in IT systems)


AND funny no SOLUTION 



Then we ask for proper declaration from the banks and states of all payments done since year 2002 so far at 23/1 2006 no answer in proper writing to the Bank    the copy of the fax all is ok


This is the handwritten request from the Greek bank 31.jpg  what I need and here I made a commitment 34.jpg

based on what the STATE has done Giving me PENSION




7.  This is rather holy matters,   Blocking communication, backdoors in to gov systems

      changing texts etc. Taking away Money without messages, Also as I listen from

      others TAKING away  Pensions, Also not giving justice, Also going for propertys

      belonging to elderly, converting this to da urlaub concept .

  1. By hindering communication is also hinder works and money for the children=Crime
  2. By hinder justice and not having justice creates havoc in society=Crime
  3. By taking away pension also taking away the right to live ok=Crime
  4. By taking away money without messages (blocking of communication) creating burden for business, Hotels, port fees all to be paid, commitments towards buisness
  5. Therefore of all above there is securitypolice police lawyers and courts and even the most business minded UNDERSTAND the EQUATION.  Something is wrong here in the model….IF the STATE and THE BANKS are not abel to give declarations of payments done, what is then the motivation for privates and companys to do so??????????  Please arrive with the Cash HOUSE and talk REAL instead of jokkking around…  this is not any Austrian paintball game…Nor Plastic Benzin Venture…Nor any sick cement project . ITS MY COMMUNICATION    


CAPITO UNDERSTAND KATALAVENO ????????????????????????????

And fine,, see how we fix up the screensavers then, and wanting that IPO in da fraud scam??? PLEASE Drink coffe...and arrive to the negotiating table instead.. IN REAL

And fine again,, see how to cookie up da salata here...What normal person wants this ??? and belives on it??? what normal programmers want to work with this soup deluxo?

And fine again,, implementing xml backdoor remote dialer ip salata in atms?? updating the stuff open for the customers??? visible?? Nice

IF no, you have to mucho white powder stucked in the nose, and are cancelled out of buisness