Name : Jan kajander

Pers nr 601018-0278

Family adress: Hamngtan 32

615 32 Valdemarsvik


Lawyer: tangedahl Bergen Norway

DOCUMENTS-MONEY-FAMILY and the result splitting up family's and causing sickness de lux, spending time in kafka processes.

Enough of CC process?

To fast implementing EU?

Falling over in a hurry? Stamping on the old and sick and children for corporate earning and stocks? No chance.? Mixing state, -buisness and using .mil resources for buisness? Hmm needs work from many.


  1. Nya EU kortet för hälsa “European healt insurance card” ej accept, kom tillbaka i morgon.

    The new healthcard tested in Greece the receptionist keyed in the number and what

    not ok come back tomorrow... hmm so damage and bleeding (if) come back tomorrow?

  1. Översättning av dokument ej korrekt, bifogar kopia

    Translation of document not correct missing correct peronal number, description, operates with a

    box adress on letter.

  1. Ändrat utbetalningskonto från Handelsbanken till SEB på eget bevåg utan att jag godkänt detta

    Changed bankaccount without to tell me, on own decision, i should of course agree and sign that.

4. Ändrat i Rubriksättningar belopp och texter

Changes of headings and texts in decisions dates etc. Pension is Pension the amount is regulated

according to the true livingstandard not pension to survive for 1-2 weeks.

    Ingen samkörning i realitet mellan EU länder mellan IT system hälsa-skatt-id

  1. No corporation in reality between IT healthsystems at all in different EU country's rather the opposite.

    Gates and Microsoft windows

  1. No corpoartion between in REALITY IT systems taxation and healtsystem, why pay tax on

    money paid by the state?


Uttag av pensions pengar med Visa a simple process?

Take a look on the above link....

its not easy to travel 2-3 times 18000Km soon for above reason,

to be able to see my children and setting up a second residence. Months years of kafka process.


1 of 5 my children.

Terese Söderholm Motala 86016-1969

Once upon a time i made by accident a lady pregnant and Terese arrived.

Mother did not want to be togheter.

Years passed with another life and another lady.

Under all the years i never recived 1 note about the status of the child.despite knowing my adress in detail. Everything i got from the mother was that she started to be involved in a courtprocess to see the daughter, i was never asked. That was for 14 years NO message. and

located very near having internet and no contacts??? to the father since 1996 what was going on.

Went to court and got a decision not worth to name to see here a few hours per month or so.

Mother goes on and fight, even makes reportage about the story fosterfamily gets money every month from

1996 life on internet starts no message or email from

what is going on. No info, no question, no message NOTHING.


Mariana Kajander 390502

Pension money disapears no account no recipts or anything showing the payment details since 1998

money lost aprox 350-450 000:- SEK

Assistans ersättning, or assistance money to have from

according leaflet never paid.


2 of 5 my children.

In year i made Hana Matyskova (working for the Czech security police according to personel at

Nochad police station) pregnant.

However, the birtcertifikate states “father unknown” and one month is wrong in the time when the child was born. I was not there (sperms does not fly by itself) it needs work. (nice even)

autoamtically without to ask me accept that the childs name should be Jan kajander funny thats what i use to copyright my worx on Internet...Bloodtest and dna test wanted.

About my Greek children. 3 and 4

Andreas and Violetta Kajander

Despite living in Greece for YEARS they are written in Sweden, are we having double money for the children from the state.? No message given before.

Then my son Jonas Kajander Nr 5

Getting delayed to do some sort of community service who pays and takes care here and knows.

No message by email nothing.


Older ideas? was that to create a superstate export product based on hours of time consuming fill the pappers, instead of seeing the reality?

The kafka process in place in many countrys all over the world sold in by guess?

[PDF] Swedish Healthcare in Transition
Filtyp: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTML-version
... majority up to the point of selling emergency hospitals. ... the Swedish reforms to the
welfare state into English ... to support efforts to market Swedish reform abroad ... - Liknande sidor

[PDF] Public service på export. Såsig? Swammel, salata?

Projekt rapport? Obs year 2001

Filtyp: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - HTML-version
Page 1. 1 Public service på export. Projektrapport ... Exposionsartad mångfald- Om mediesitutionen i Indonesien. Public service på export. En ... webmag_members/download.asp?file=31030153816995 - Liknande sidor

Webbplatsen för Skatteverket och Kronofogdemyndigheten

are we exporting this mounatin of papers

things outside of Sweden?

1.2 Målgrupp

Kommunikations- och applikationsansvariga hos de kunder till Riksskatteverket som skall använda den elektroniska brevlåda för utbyte av data med Riksskatteverket.

Den interaktiva uppkopplingen beskrivs utförligt i Användarhandledning för RSV:s elektroniska brevlåda.

Förenklade skatteregler
  Skatteverket planerar en rad åtgärder under de kommande åren för att förenkla företagens kontakter med Skatteverket och Kronofogdemyndigheten.
  Som exempel nämns skattedeklaration via ombud, enklare skatte- och redovisningsregler för de minsta företagen och bättre och enklare deklarationsblanketter.


But this export of infrastructure?

Hmm not what i above have and are part of thanks..

as off July 2004

its getting better (i think..)

And there is to add a house story, a boat which sank (MY)



Like EU?

Just send to:



The house story Valdemarsvik EU money etc 500 000:-

The Boat story Dunderhoney Enviroment etc nr 1 800 000:-

The Email Story since 1996: 10 mil

The Child Therese Story 14 years its not about money

The webpage domain theft story 10 mil

The boat Story in Corfu

The years passing without proper answers from AUTHORITYS

cc Enough cooking?

Jan Kajander Hamngatan32

615 32 Valdemarsvik