Another leak in the pipeline? Nada no chance?


AMD Athlon 64 3700+ 2.2 GHz CPU


You live at the forefront of technology, and you won't settle for less from your favorite software. That's why AMD is proud to bring you the AMD Athlon 64 processor, with AMD64 technology for dramatically higher performance and built-in support for future 64-bit applications even running 32- and 64-bit software at the same time. Maximize system efficiency and stay ahead of the curve with the technically superior PC processor, packed with advances such as HyperTransport technology, an integrated DDR memory controller, and Enhanced Virus Protection for the upcoming Microsoft Windows XP SP2. Whether it is for business, school or play, with the AMD Athlon 64 processor, you can address your current and future computing needs.

Sun Fire V20z Server - Benchmarks

Two Sun Fire V20z servers, each equipped with two AMD Opteron Model 248 2.2 GHz processors, delivered a result of 690.13 TOPS@DualNode for the ... - 39k - 5 Feb 2006 - Cached - Similar pages


For instance, at 2.2GHz, Northwood's L2 cache bandwidth is 70.4GB/sec (32 bytes x 1 (data transfer per clock) x 2.2GHz = 70.4GB/sec).


Dell Inspiron 8200 (2.2GHz Mobile P4) Overview at ZDNet UK Reviews

Complete our survey and you could win an iPod · What does it mean to be a geek? ... This state-of-the-art 2.2GHz Mobile Pentium 4 notebook is the first ... notebooks/0,39023985,10001978,00.htm - 50k - 5 Φεβ 2006 - Αποθηκευμένη Σελίδα - Παρόμοιες σελίδες




Under frequency hopping systems, the receiver needs to syncronize both time and frequency on both ends of a link.  This is a very difficult to implement efficiently in the low cost cards used today.  They'll spend most of their time searching for the proper signal to lock on to.  This results in increased latency times.  In DSSS only the timing of the receivers needs to be synchronized.  This can usually be done by just receiving a few bits of data.


The 2.4 GHz band is open for unlicensed FCC compliant Part 15 ISM (Industrial, Scientific, Medical) devices in order to allow the public to reclaim their rights to the airwaves.  This band is currently being used throughout the United States for a variety of applications, and also, for our friend the microwave oven.

Frequency hopping spread spectrum systems usually make their initial synchronization possible by parking on a fixed handshake frequency before starting their hopping sequence.  If you were to jam this parking frequency, the system would not be able to synchronize itself, and communication would be impossible.


 The mixing between the 2.5 GHz and 2.278 GHz signals makes a new signal at 222 MHz (2.5 - 2.278 GHz).  This new signal at 222 MHz contains the same data in the 2.5 GHz signal, just at a frequency easier to work with.  This entire process is called heterodyning.  It's this new lower frequency that would get sent down to your television set.


Ala we overclock da amd to 2.278? just prior to delivery to the banks? Hmm

that’s the diff off 2.278 and 2.5ghz transporting data out and in of the bank and gov

ok they get really close stable? Probably with freezer cooler not water cooler .. 218-219 mhz band usage and who gots involved …



LETTER (DA 01-1413)

Auction 218-219 MHz Band

Letter to E. Ashton Johnston, Esquire, on behalf of Vista Communications, Inc. (Vista)

This letter denies Vista's eligibility status for participation in the 218-219 MHz restructuring plan as well as its request for waiver of the Commission's grace period rules and request to remit funds sufficient to cover installment payments due on its licenses to make it current through March 16, 1998.

pdf - text - Word

butt that’s the same as….

included at

Vista Marketing Services ????



3dGameMan: Kickass Forum - What do you think so far?

... so that means i have a 2.278ghz FSB plus my multiplier is 9 so my clock speed is a blistering 5.112GHZ!!!!! EAT THAT INTEL!!!!! Reply With Quote. ... php?s=&threadid=14572 - 101k - Συμπληρωματικό αποτέλεσμα - Αποθηκευμένη Σελίδα - Παρόμοιες σελίδες
Περισσότερα αποτελέσματα από το ]


So we need to send a 2.5ghz signal…

broadband »
Sending broadband data requires a signal many, many MHz wide. ... wireless 2.5
ghz Sounds like what I am getting from Evertek in Northwest Iowa a small ... - Παρόμοιες σελίδες



Cisco Interface Cards Hardware Installation Guide - Connecting ...
Swivel-mount dipole antenna operating in the 2.4-to 2.5-GHz band.
This antenna
is designed ... Blinks if there is activity (
sending or receiving packets). ... ps2641/products_installation_guide_chapter09186a00804aafab.html - 69k - Αποθηκευμένη Σελίδα - Παρόμοιες σελίδες


and 222 MHZ

Amateur Radio IARU Region 2 Monitoring System
In ITU Region 2 (South, Central and North America) the following frequency bands
have been allocated by the ITU exclusively to the Amateur or ... - 13k - Αποθηκευμένη Σελίδα - Παρόμοιες σελίδες

2.2 - 2.4 GHz: Government, military (ala mix 2.4???) hmm
2.4 - 2.5 GHz: This is the most successful of all wireless data frequencies, with large amounts of cheap equipment (due to investment, due to demand) attracting people. Licence-exempt so anyone is free to use it as long as they follow the rules, it is where Bluetooth and two of the Wi-Fi flavours (802.11b and 802.11g). The Wi-Fi wireless LANs -- 802.11g is faster than 802.11b – are used for sending data relatively short distances at hotspots or in offices.Hmm

Why to regulate 222mhz to empty that freqband for other usage?

Need more details and hard workers for shielding- encryption and look for the details at any large Corporate organisation or elsewhere? Always available….

Just a simple email to the Microsoft product or +portals




another road, all leads to fallen roma?

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so instead of spam email map through the T-junction we got popup maps soon? Also through the t-junction deluxo corrupt delivered windows??


So we take over the mailserver companys instead and then changes the passwords??  Lets seee one mail account with  arrived to be


what are they doing? Windows? hmm



Reseller Web Hosting
Shanje offers fast and reliable Windows 2003 based reseller hosting accounts with
ASP.NET support designed specifically for webmasters and web resellers.







CumGirls - CumGirls Copyright problems

whois NETSHANJECOLOBLK (NET2165123201) CumGirls CumGirls CumGirls > whois NETSHANJECOLOBLK OrgName ... ?article=CumGirls_Copyright_problems - Supplemental Result - Similar pages



Cumgirls? Fake banks?  Hmm lets check any connection?


So is now owned by outblaze


BLOCKLIST Version 1.9, 10 July 2003 for ISA server Total List ...
... ... ... - 434k - Cached - Similar pages


hmm corfu1 ok its…


Ad servers to add to hosts file part 1. - MyADSL #[] ... #[] ... - 191k - Cached - Similar pages



Is it so simple that by having zillions of adservers backdoors t-junctions in windows and hardware popups and also using telco gear blocking emails and pumping in dialers and viruses through backdoor versions of windows distributing annoying adverts and so on and then trying to do IPO

introducing this mess on the stock exchange….


Getting people to belive on this????

Get real with REAL casino instead and stop mocking around with government and bank computers


Jan P Kajander