Why are those data incorrect? and what could be the way its changed by unauthorized people interfering with government and banks data transfers like pensions and so on. (eg nothing to do with internet..)




1 Country example:

That main government computers for example in Sweden are located in the North of Sweden (Sweden is a LOOOONG country…)


Fiberoptics and other methods are used to transfer data also besides railroads and underwater. Complete OPEN??? Not digged down so in hurry cheapskaters?







So what is needed? Cost like a old car? yupp





ala that’s why Gotland? Hmm? Taxoffice fax ? hmm






"For both public and private networks, optical taps and analytic devices are required and inexpensive maintenance equipment in common use worldwide today. Various types of optical taps, however, both off-the-shelf and customized, are also used for corporate espionage, government espionage, network disruption and other potential terrorist-type activities. Used nefariously, optical taps allow access to all voice and data communications transiting a fiber link. Modern commercial network equipment and network configurations cannot detect most types of optical taps


"A successful tap can be achieved with merely an optical tap, packet-sniffer software (free) , an optical/electrical-converter (

1000 euro max) and a laptop. (500 euro)



no alarms systems cables used invented?


Packet-sniffer software filters through the packet headers, only extracting those packets which match a specific telephone number, IP address or other characteristic. Gathered information is then stored locally or forwarded to the intruder through various mechanisms, including wireless, another optical or copper line, another wavelength or channel, or other means."


Aha vodaphone tap ?? ONLY???




I don’t know, but using the innocence of not understanding knowledgeable people making money out of that philosophy, and then hinder knowledgeable people to have works that’s just sick,  blocking there emails and webpages doing this

www.japan1.freewebspace.com/again1.htm as solutions thats even nuts totale

(Then I undertand that those behind are not clear in mind and soul)

Because why shall innocent users start to hide encrypt communication??

That crooks do as, maybe govs protecting innocent users of telecom…



SO what its done its interference with data transfers changing and altering texts

Also maybe not discovering differences between backup and orginal due to

Integrity checking routine altered by backdoors not recognizing the diff between backup and orginal data?




Lets see


Some older integrity checkers were simply too slow or hard to use to be truly effective.


Implementing runtime process integrity checking for Unix & Linux

Integrity checking an executable before you execute it is a great idea. ... Computing a hash of a file is a pretty easy thing to do, and most of it is math. ...
searchsecurity.techtarget.com/ateQuestionNResponse/0,289625,sid14_cid416662_tax285454,00.html - 57k -
Αποθηκευμένη Σελίδα - Παρόμοιες σελίδες


Free Numerical, Mathematical and Statistical Libraries and Source ...

Free statistics (stats), numerical, maths/math functions, libraries and source code ... queues, trees, deques, hash tables), CRC data integrity checking, ...
www.thefreecountry.com/sourcecode/mathematics.shtml -
Παρόμοιες σελίδες


If now the class is corrupt… many use pirate versions of tools… and how many have time or get paid to check up the correctness

of the routines…

TurboPower SysTools

TurboPower SysTools contain numerous utility functions and classes for Borland Delphi/Kylix and Borland C++ Builder as well as programming environments that support COM objects (like Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft Visual C++. Among the routines included in this library are string manipulation routines, date and time math routines, high-speed sorting, high-precision maths, runtime math expression analyzer, Microsoft Excel-like finance and statistical routines, email attachment MIME encoding and decoding, reusable containers (stacks, queues, trees, deques, hash tables), CRC data integrity checking, 1 dimensional and 2 dimensional (1-D and 2-D) bar codes, money routines, logging classes, patterns, random number distributions, text data manipulation and more. SysTools is open source, released by TurboPower under the Mozilla Public License. It works on Windows systems.

Eg the tool to check for corruption in data is corrupt brilliant!


Getting corrupt by inserting the backdoor with help of the crack often a exefile  downloaded (not in the nose or smoke in the pirated look a like cigarrrettes) that’s easy to measure the traffic in and out of the systems WITH the crack installed and see bingo…


So three ways at the same time to deliver data

Fiber-Sat-Manual and encrypted with HIGH degree of encryption

[PDF] Switch Architecture for Efficient Transfer of High-Volume Data in ...

Είδος αρχείου: PDF/Adobe Acrobat - Σε μορφή HTML
transfer of high-speed, high-volume data. This is primarily due to ... involves high-volume data transfers, it is very important to ...
www.cercs.gatech.edu/hpidc2005/presentations/SanjeevKumar.pdf -
Παρόμοιες σελίδες


Then the integrity checking can not be manual to mucho…

Ok there is now a email here for works and contracts maybe in argentina with Swedish Skanska the same who built malmoe bridge gardemoen Airport Eva Jolly France Story…


hmm Viva and Salute..again..?


a invention ala fiber early warning system?


Paper #: 28095
Optical two-dimensional alarm system using electron trapping optical material, pp.2376-2385 Author(s): Alastair D. McAulay, Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem, PA, USA; Junqing Wang, Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem, PA, USA.

Abstract: An alarm system was constructed and tested to demonstrate for the first time an all-optical system that uses electron trapping material with unsupervised learning. The alarm system provides an output when there is a deviation from a time weighted average of a 2D input image. Classic Hebbian unsupervised learning is used to update the 2D time weighted average weight array recursively with an all-optical loop. The fabrication of micrometer resolution nanosecond response electron trapping material is described and equations derived to show for the first time that electron trapping materials correctly multiply in parallel elements in a 2D input image with corresponding elements in a second 2D weight array. The alarm system equations and associated optic implementation are modified for a binary system instead of a bipolar one because of positivity of intensity. The system uses two electron trapping spatial light rebroadcasters (SLRs), one stores the 2D weight array and the other the scalar output for synchronization and delay of the all-optical loop. The experiment uses a folded configuration to save cost by using only one image intensifier and liquid crystal light valve for both SLRs. Optical experimental results show the correct functioning of the system.!32  need to be verified

Paper #: 21125 hmm my f .optronic idea.. nice



just a simple email to for contract and WORX

Peter123456@linuxmail.org and kajander12345@hotmail.com

Jan P kajander